A black background with the shape of simplistic white rafters holding spotlights, shining down below. The rays of light have turned into a rainbow with white sparkles over top. At the bottom in white text it says "Thesperience Productions".

Company logo by Ashlee Craft (they/xe).

Est 2020


A queer grassroots art and activism team in rural Oregon.
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Thesperience is a grassroots art & activism team working to create diversity and promote resources for the LGBTQAI2S+ (queer for short) community.We're a group of indie, marginalized artists creating zines, podcasts, table-top RPGs, and community resources for those in the Corvallis/Albany, Oregon area as well as anyone with access to the internet. Most of our content is free to enjoy, others we sell to help raise funds for future projects. We also have a Patreon where we welcome monthly donations to help keep us going, starting at $1 a month or more!

All of our projects are led and managed by queer content creators, and when it comes to casting we prioritize on queer voices and talent. Here are our primary projects:
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Jar of Rebuke
A midwestern gothic mystery following the immortal cryptozoologist Dr. Jared Hel as he works to remember his forgotten past and to investigate the mysteries of the small farm town of Wichton.
Status: Season 2 released
Where to Support: Thesperience Patreon & PodHero
Led By: Casper Oliver (he/they)

Nexilis Games
Weekly homebrew TTRPG streams, led by queer story tellers and featuring primarily queer players.
Currently running: On Hiatus
Where To Support: Thesperience Patreon
Led By: Casper Oliver & Jason Larock (he/him)

The Queer Thesperience
An interview-style podcast where we speak with artists & entertainers within the queer community about their experiences and projects.
Status: Season 2 In Production
Where to Support: Thesperience Patreon
Led By: Casper Oliver

- ADDITIONAL PROJECTS -Queer-Friendly Database, Queervallis/Allbany:
Our roster of LGBTQIA2S+ owned or friendly businesses, services, organizations, and more. We are building your one-stop-spot for finding your queer community needs in the Corvallis/Albany area!
Status: Always Updating
Where to Support: Patreon
Led By: Casper Oliver
Digital Zine Library:
Many of our crew members enjoy making zines, and you can get digital copies of them all on our Itchio or via our Patreon!
Status: 6 zines available
Where to Support: Patreon + Itchio
PowerPoint Paloozas:
A group of queer entertainers come together to give slideshow presentations on a range of topics that interest them! With previous lessons like "All Things Apples", "History of Himbos", & "Speedrunning 101", you're sure to learn all sorts of eclectic information at these parties.
Status: Session 3 in production
Where to Support: Thesperience Patreon
Led By: Nessa R (she/her)
Queervallis Instagram: An Instagram account that is giving updates on queer-friendly projects & events in the Corvallis/Albany, OR area.
Status: Active
Where to Support: Patreon.

SUPPORT OUR WORKSWe are a group of independent artists working to make accessible and easy-to-enjoy content!
All of what we make is free for the public, but we always welcome and appreciate any support that folks would like to give us and our projects!
Even if you don't have money to donate, sharing and promoting our works is a HUGE help for us!If you do have the financial means to support us, we suggest signing up to our Patreon page page! Signing up allows you to support us for as little as $1 to as much as $100 a month which supports these following projects:- Jar of Rebuke
- Nexilis Games
- PowerPoint Paloozas
- The Queer Thesperience
- Queervallis / Allbany Resource Database
- Zine library
Itch.io Store
For our zines and TTRPG content. This is also where we will eventually be releasing our indie games.
Throne Wish List
Check out our wish-list to send a gift! Office necessities, equipment upgrades, supplies for vending at live events, and gift cards for us to take care of our home-office cats!
Shop With Our Affiliates
We have various affiliates who help our projects come to life. Check out the full list for all the online shopping options and for the discount codes to save on your orders!
If you would like to join in and have a gay ol' time helping queer artists and their art thrive, then learn more about partnering with us!All places where you can support us are in the icons below!

A black background with the shape of simplistic white rafters holding spotlights, shining down below. The rays of light have turned into a rainbow with white sparkles over top. At the bottom in white text it says "Thesperience Productions".

Art by Cecil Fox (they/them).

CONTACT USIf you would like to partner up with us, ask about promo swaps, or would like to support our work: we have an email for all your requests and inquiries!Email us at: [email protected]In a pinch, you can always message us on one of our social media pages!
And if you have a question about a project, you're always welcome to comment on a post or submit a question via DMs.

A black background with the shape of simplistic white rafters holding spotlights, shining down below. The rays of light have turned into a rainbow with white sparkles over top. At the bottom in white text it says "Thesperience Productions".

Art by Jason Larock (he/him).

OUR AFFILIATIONSThese are other like-minded groups & businesses that we have become affiliated with to help support each other! Supporting these groups is supporting wonderful causes, and using our links & codes helps to support OUR projects too!As You Like It - a woman-owned, body-positive, eco-conscious, inclusive, and affirming adult shop based in Oregon, USA. They are a certified Community Sexual Health Resource, with the mission to provide body-safe products, affirming and shame-free sex education, and serve the sexual health needs of our diverse community. Use promo code 'THESPERIENCE' at your online checkout for 10% off of your order!Conundrum House - Home base for nerds who love to play! Immerse yourselve in games, puzzles, RPG & LARP experiences. Use this link and promo code 'THESPERIENCE' to get 15% off of your entire online order!Trans Essentials - Trans Essentials is a website where folks looking for gender expression gear can shop safely. Owned by Early to Bed a queer woman-owned feminist erotica shop in Chicago that has been serving the needs of the trans community since 2001. Use THIS LINK to shop with them and simultaneously support Thesperience!Grinding Coffee Co. - a Black LGBTQA+ coffee company fueling gamers and streamers through their online coffee shop! Use THIS LINK and discount code 'THESPERIENCE' for 10% off your order!OTHER PARTNERS:Exquisite Lore - a production company for enthusiastic art inventors & eclectic nerds, specializing in creative works such as podcasts, art, music, films, written works, & more made by & involving marginalized & diverse creators! If you like stories & art that are vibrant, chaotic, earnest, wonderful, nerdy, or profound, you’ll probably like their work.The Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (TIGLFF) - Founded in 1990 as a three-day extension of Tampa’s gay pride celebrations by representatives of three LGBTQ+ organizations: The Tampa Bay Business Guild (TBBG), the Bay Area Human Rights Coalition, and the Tampa Bay Gay Men’s Chorus. Over the course of its first decade, the film festival was a fundraising event for a number of local non-profit groups, eventually falling under the umbrella of Tampa Bay Arts.If you live in Florida and would like to attend (virtually or in-person), use code 'Thesperience' at checkout to save 20% on your ticket!

PARTNER UP WITH USWe LOVE to partner up with like-minded groups and organizations! Perks to partnering up with us:
- Promotions in queer-centric Discord server
- Shout outs during live streams, links included in chat
- Custom social media promo posts
- Sharing your social media posts on our pages
- Add you to our roster of queer resources
If you would like to assist our projects, or would like to further engage with our queer-centric community, then we are certainly open to discuss mutually beneficial affiliate codes.You can find a list of all of our current affiliations and partnerships here. See who else has already joined in the fun!If you are interested in directly supporting our cast & crew, you can find further information on our support page!Here's some examples of previous promo graphics we've made for our affiliations!

ABOUT USThesperience Productions is a grassroots queer art & activism team based in rural Oregon. We're led by trans, queer, Pagan, and disabled/neurodivergent creatives.For our activism we compile free resources for queer folks in Oregon that are available nationwide as well as digital educational material that is often free to download or watch. All of our content is created with the intention to make queer representation, to cast and feature queer or otherwise marginalized talent, and to focus on empowering folks within the LGBTQIA+ community.We make podcasts, various live-streams, zines, queer resources, TTRPGs, & more. Check them all out here!!Awards & Recognitions:
Winner with "Jar of Rebuke" - #TwiPods 2020
Nominee with "The Queer Thesperience" - #TwiPods 2020
'Building A Better Community' badge by Pride Places.
Grantee of Trans Justice Funding Project.